Blackbird Project, Kings Road, London. Our client required a niche solution for compartmentalisation. The issue was that they also required classification to BS 1634-3 which meant that the fire curtain had to be built with a single barrel in one piece. The issue with overlapping fire curtains is that whilst integrity can be achieved, smoke ingress will take place at the point of overlap. So to have smoke compliance and be classified to BS1634-3, the curtain and barrel needs to be built with a single roll. The A1S Group is certified to manufacture fire curtains in a single to 8 metres to BS 8524 and up to 10 metres wide to 1634-1. Both options then allow smoke classification to BS 1634-3. And of course if smoke leakage is not required, the A1S Group is certified to manufacture, supply and install fire curtains with a width of up to 50 metres.