A1S Group to launch 30th Anniversary BS 8524 Fire Curtain and Fire and Smoke Curtain Offer

With a 2018 investment of over £120,000 in research, development, production capacity, and a challenging but finally successful testing programme to BS 8524 with Warrington Exova, the A1S Group is to announce a 30th anniversary offer to capitalise on the increased requirement for fire curtains and fire and smoke curtains to the now often mandatory British Standard BS 8524-1.

With the stipulation in BS 9999 2017 that fire curtains and fire and smoke curtains should be tested in accordance with BS 8524-1 and installed to BS 8524-2, fire curtains are now designed to better withstand the rigours of real life applications, with an increased emphasis on durability, cyclic testing, surface spread of flame, impact testing and a motor that has been furnace tested to 400 degrees to exacting standards.

Documented specification standards now ensure that both integrity and radiation performance is considered and attention to substrate and parameter guidelines is much more transparent. Head of A1S Group Sales Paul Caldwell-Jones - paul@a1shutters.co.uk - has seen a significant improvement in the wider fire industry understanding of fire curtain performance.

“Since the publication of BS 8524-1 and BS 8524-2, and its comprehensive guidance for the specification, testing, production and installation of fire curtain and smoke curtains I have seen enhanced product understanding from Fire Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. Mercifully, the days of being asked for a fire curtain or fire and smoke curtain, without a fire strategy report or an explanation of relevant fire resistance requirements and site specific conditions, are becoming if not a distant memory, at least rarer. BS 8524-1 and BS 8524-2 are certainly helping move the wider construction industry towards a fuller understanding of life safety fire curtains and as part of our 30th anniversary, our A1S Group marketing team will be launching a pricing offer for bonafide BS 8524 projects with accredited fire strategy reports.”


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