Redfield's Garden Centre


Geo. Hodges and Son


Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure


Fireshield 120 Fire Curtains


Hampshire, UK

The third largest garden centre retail group in the UK, Blue Diamond Group started a two-part rebuild and refurbishment of Redfield’s garden centre in 2010 that was to become the blueprint for future enhancements to their centres.

As a four year project the ambition was to “create a destination garden centre that would deliver an experience unlike that of any other across the UK” said MD Alan Roper.

What we delivered

The A1S group were selected by builders Geo. Hodges and Son Ltd to manufacture and fit over 20 2- hour rated Flame Shield fire curtains in continuous lines. The intention was that in the event of a fire, when activated by the fire alarm system, the curtains would form a fire wall to prevent the fire from spreading from one side of the centre to another.