Reception shutters

Reception Shutters

If you need internal security shutters for your reception area, A1S Group has got you covered.

Quite often, businesses require a security system that is not only strong and resilient, but also offers a certain amount of visibility. Our vast range of products are formidable and easy on the eye, so you don’t have to worry about making your kiosk, reception or server appear too intimidating.

Made from steel or thick aluminium, our perforated or punched shutters come with the optional extra of glazed strips, offering even more anti-tamper security. As you’d expect from one of the leading shutter providers around, all of our security systems are tailor-made to suit each customer, which means they are getting maximum protection. They are available in a polyester powder-coated finish, allowing you to customise them to fit in with your brand colours.

You only have to look at the calibre of our suppliers – our motors are provided by Ellard, for example – to get an idea of the sheer quality of our products.

Here are some of the specifications of our reception shutters.

Curtain Options

• 38mm aluminium (solid, punched & perforated)
• 55mm aluminium (solid only)
• 77mm aluminium (solid & punched)
• 75mm galvanised steel (solid & perforated)

Barrel – Made from 102mm mild steel tube or rigid 60mm/70mm octagonal tube.

Shutter Housing – Built from 20swg galvanised steel sheet metal or roll formed aluminium in two sections – base and box lid. Box lid is removable for installation and maintenance purposes.

End Plates – Die-cast aluminium or steel, these are designed to suit your shutter weight and box housing.

Side Guides – Made from 50mm/65mm galvanised steel or 60mm/70mm/75mm extruded aluminium. Our products come with an internal box section for strength and ease of installation. They also contain nylon brush seals for smooth operation.

Operation – This depends on the size of your shutter. Operation by either manual spring assist or electric 240v single phase tubular motor.

Electrical Operation – Single phase powered by Ellard tubular motors, 240 volts with 0.5 > 2.5 amps of draw. Again, this depends on the size of your shutter.

Locking Options – For spring-assisted shutters, either a centre lock, bullet lock or shoot bolt arrangement is required. Our unique drive down autolock is fitted as standard on all of our electric shutters.

Safety Regulation – You need to abide by the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992. All of our powered shutters are CE Marked.

Installation – Our fully trained fitters will come out to install your reception shutters.

Finishes – Shutters can be powder coated to any B.S. or R.A.L. colours. This means you can ensure your shutters tie in with your brand image.

Electrical Optional Extras – We have an array of optional extras, ranging from emergency manual override systems and battery backup units to key switches, remote controls, photo cells and keypads.