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Rapid Roll Doors

At The A1S Group we can provide service and repair for Rapid Roll doors. We also install high-speed doors to suit any application, suitable for all vehicle types, forklifts, pedestrian access and machine guarding. They are specially designed for high traffic areas.

Rapid Roll doors are perfect for controlling frequent traffic whilst minimising the amounts of energy loss from the building, saving on fuel cost for heating and refrigeration. Thus helping contribute to our ever-increasing responsibilities to reduce our CO2 emissions.

With fast opening and closing speeds you can improve staff working conditions by maintaining internal heat temperatures and reduce the entry of pollution from dust, vermin and noise. 

Main features:

  • Impact Protection
  • Wind resistance up to class 3 to EN 12424 (72mph depending on model)
  • Interactive digital display control panel.
  • Curtain tensioning system
  • Emergency self-opening
  • PVC with reinforced coloured strip or rolltex fabric curtain

Rapid Roll doors are available in most sizes, made for many environments such as warehouses and waste recycling sites to the more specialised industrial environments like food processing, pharmaceuticals and clean rooms.

Door activations & Safety controls – There is a wide range of activation systems available to maximise the effectiveness of the Rapid Roll door.

Manual – Push pads with a auto timed close function are standard.

Induction Loops – Induction loops are set into the ground in one or both sides of the door and are activated when a vehicle (forklift) passes over the loop.

Photocells – Set either side of the opening, typically mounted on posts. When beam is broken the door is activated for opening and closing.

Radar – Detects movement from both vehicle and pedestrians within the field of view

Radio transmitters – Hand held or truck mounted the transmitter remotely activates the door.

Safety controls:

  • Conductive safety edge as standard
  • Non-contact unique touchless safety edge
  • Inline photocell sensor
  • Radar threshold safety beam