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Fireshield 120 Fire Curtains


Manchester, UK

In 2010, Manchester City Council embarked on a complex four year programme to refurbish the interiors of the iconic Manchester Central library and Town Hall.

Selected as the key partner to devise the smoke and fire containment strategy by Laing O’Rourke this was a highly complex project that required close liaison with the English Heritage to ensure that the renovation retained the building’s original architecture.

The Grade II listed building was designed by E. Vincent Harris in 1934 and took its inspiration from the pantheon, Rome. With it’s domed and circular structure the installation process was highly complex since the curtains had to fit to the curved walls.

What we delivered

We crafted 23 Fireshield 120 fire curtains, which were designed in a way to ensure that no components of the curtains were visible when the fire curtains were in the open position.

Other unique features included the development of a bespoke control panel which had programmable time delay features that maximise evacuation time in the event of a fire. In addition to this unique sensors were integrated into the devices to ensure that the curtains automatically descend upon fire alarm or heat detection.

Alongside the fire requirements we manufactured and installed two bespoke brushed chrome stainless steel electrically operated security shutters to the internal entrance of the library.