Flameshield Fire Curtain A1S 100 Advanced Control Panel

  • Easy set-up and connection.
  • Automatic detection of motor end limits.
  • Close type options – driven or gravity close as standard.
  • Dead man operation – key switch, push buttons etc.
  • Link to fire alarm, will open or close the fire curtain on receipt of a signal from the fire alarm. (Volt Free signal required)
  • Can be activated by Fusible link, smoke detectors etc.,
  • 2 stage controlled descent available.
  • Status relays indicating fully open or fully closed.
  • Safety device inputs.
  • Low Battery auto close feature.
  • Group control Facility.
  • Facility within the panel for an emergency escape / Fireman’s switch, this would only operate if there is mains available.
  • 24 Volt battery back up as standard (5 hour stand by time), can be used in the event of a power failure.
  • Facility for Alarm Test.
  • Gravity fail safe as standard.