Fire Curtain Suppliers

The A1S Group manufactures and installs various fire protection products and is an industry leader in the UK. We produce Fire Curtains, Smoke Curtains, Fire Shutters, Roller Shutters and additional Industrial Shutter Products. The A1S Group has installed thousands of our innovative curtains and shutters to residents, businesses and commercial facilities over the past thirty years.

Our History

Carl Everest established the A1S Group in 1986 when he entered the roller shutter market. At the time, he believed it was possible to manufacture and sell fire protection products that were of better quality than what was currently available. Everest is the company’s Managing Director and continues to focus on customer service and quality products to produce good value.

Our Facilities

The quality fire protection and security products we produce are manufactured in our facilities based in the North West. This includes an 18,000 square foot modern factory with office space. There is an additional 14,000 square feet of storage. This allows us to supply product and installation services throughout the UK. It also provides jobs and business to the local economy.

Fire Curtain Suppliers

As we are able to store a high volume of our products on site, the A1S Group can provide affordable pricing. That is because we do not require accessing supply chains from other parts of the world. This reduction in cost of obtaining materials is passed on to our customers. Having access to our supply also means we can deliver to you on time and stay within your budget.

Our Customers

The A1S Group has outfitted thousands of properties throughout the UK with our unique and effective fire protection and security solutions. From residential to commercial and industrial, we can accommodate whatever you require. In fact, this is what makes our products so popular – they can be adapted to fit into any décor and remain unnoticed until they are required.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products that we stand behind each of them. At the A1S Group, we provide an industry-leading guarantee on all the curtains and shutters we manufacture and install. Each order we process receives a 12-month guarantee. We also have after sales support that you can contact for assistance of any kind should you needs it.

Our Certifications

The A1S Group is a member in good standing of the DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) as well as other industry-related organizations. All of our products carry the CE mark to show they meet and exceed all legislated requirements. We are also an ISO 9001 2015 company. If you have concerns related to compliance, our team can assist with any of your questions.

Our Contact

From our facilities in the North West, the A1S Group manufactures several fire protection and security products. They include Fire Curtains, Smoke Curtains, Fire Shutters, Roller Shutters and Industrial Products. For more information on our innovative and effective systems, contact us today. You can reach us at 01204383839 or you can email the A1S Group at

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