The Fire Safety, Fire Curtain Revolution For UK Cinemas.

Did you realise that increasingly you are protected during a cinema visit by an A1S Group fire curtain? If you turn away from the screen, you will see the projector room, but there has been a sea change in many UK cinemas. What you won’t notice is a small bottom bar in the ceiling, above the glass, ready for a Flameshield fire curtain to descend on receipt of the fire alarm. The advent of IMAX and 3D Projection systems, whilst enhancing cinematic experience, led to a necessary revolution in projection room fire safety. Traditionally audiences have been protected with specialist fire rated glass between the projection room and the auditorium. Once IMAX and 3D projection systems were trialed, it became apparent that the properties of the fire rated glass distorted the picture quality. So what to do? Replace the fire rated glass with traditional float glass and compartmentalise the projection room with an A1S Group fire curtain with single stage descent. The perfect solution. To date, A1S has installed Flameshield EW 60 minute fire curtains in over 50 UK cinemas including Vue, Odeon, Everyman, Cineworld and Showcase. So if you ever watch Pulp Fiction in 3D (if only) you can rest assured, you are protected from fire in the projector room.

Fire Curtains For Cinemas