Retail Vision Shutter

Retail Vision Shutter

Vision shutters, like traditional shutters, offer effective protection for a wide range of applications – the difference being that vision shutters enable you to see through them. This makes them the ideal choice for retail stores, shopping malls and art galleries where being able to see attractive window displays out-of-hours can be good for business.

Security guards are also able to see right inside premises with vision shutters, increasing the level of security and making them suitable for an even wider range of applications – like airports, for example.

With a range of different vision options – including punched, punched/lexan glazed, perforated and tube and link – talk to A1S Group to select the right vision shutters for your project.

Vision Options:

  • Vision punching may be either brick bond or straight stack

  • Punched or perforated lath may be interchanged with solid profiles when partial vision is required

  • Each punched aluminium extrusion allows the optional lexan glazing for added security and weather protection

  • Tube & link

Curtain Options:

  • 38mm aluminium (punched & perforated) & 77mm aluminium (punched)

  • 75mm perforated steel

  • Tube & link

Shutter Options – Constructed from 20swg galvanised steel sheet metal or roll formed aluminium in two sections – base and box lid. Box lid is removable for installation and maintenance purposes.

Barrel – Constructed from 102mm mild steel tube or rigid 70mm octagonal tube. Incorporating either tubular motor or spring assembly with roller bearing non-drive end.

End Plates – Die-cast aluminium or steel formed to suit shutter weight and box housing.

Side Guides – Constructed from 75mm extruded aluminium with an internal box section for strength and ease of installation complete with nylon brush seals for smooth operation, or 50mm straight galvanised steel guides mounted on 50mm x 50mm x 5mm thick mild steel angles as standard, (or) 65mm straight galvanised steel guides on 75mm x 50mm x 6mm mild steel angles (if required).

Operation – Operation is dependent upon shutter size – by either manual spring assist or electric 240v single phase tubular motor.

Electrical Operation – Single phase powered by Ellard tubular motors, 240 volts with 0.5 > 2.5 amps of draw defendant upon shutter size.

Locking Options – With spring assisted shutters either a centre lock, bullet lock or shoot bolt arrangement is used. For electric shutters, our unique drivedown autolock is fitted as standard.

Installation – Installation is carried out by our own fully-trained fitting teams.

Safety Regulation – To comply with the supply of machinery (safety) regulations 1992, all powered shutters are CE Marked.

Electrical Optional Extras – Emergency manual override systems, battery backup units, key switches, key pads, remote controls and photo cells.

Finishes – Shutters can be powder coated to any B.S. or R.A.L. colours you may require to compliment modern building designs.

Technical Points of Note:

  • Electrical security shutters have a minimum width of 560mm (or 730mm with a manual override)

  • Spring assisted shutters have a minimum width of 600mm (depending on shutter height)