Flameshield Fire Curtain

All our fire curtains are manufactured and produced in accordance with the parameters and technical respects indicated within the specification, which was submitted to the Warrington Fire Research Establishment. The curtains constructed to Warrington Fire Research Centre WARRES No 165694, the test is in accordance with clause 8 of BS476 part 22:1987.


Fire curtains are formed from a fire rated fabric 0.65mm thick, stitched and hemmed (were required) using Kevlar and stainless steel thread, the unique two section bottom rail allows smooth operation of the curtain.


Fire curtain barrels are manufactured from mild steel tube, tube size dependant on the overall size of the unit and deflection calculated to conform to British Standards, the barrel is mounted on 20mm high speed bearings and is complete with an enclosed tubular motor either 240 volt AC or 24volt DC.

Safety Feature

Gravity fail safe, operable if there is a power failure or if the wiring becomes corrupt.


Fire curtain guides are constructed from 2.5mm mild steel plate in 2 sections, the front section of the guide is removable and allows repairs to be effected without dismantling the door. The guides are slotted for expansion.


The fire curtain hood is formed from 1.2mm galvanised steel plate and is slotted for expansion.

End plates

The fire curtain end plates are formed from 2.5mm plate depth of the plate is dependant on the overall height of the unit, the endplate has a formed motor compartment which will be packed with non combustible material.


The fire curtain is standard grey, the endplates, guides, hood etc., are powder coated RAL 9010 white as standard, other colours are available at an additional cost.


Electrically operated 1PH 240 volt AC or 24 volt DC


Although the fire curtain is provided with a key switch, it is not recommended for daily use.

Release Mechanisms

Linked to the fire alarm as standard other means of activation available are fusible link, smoke detector etc.